Trophoblastic thesis of cancer

Certain substances are linked to specific types of cancer when found in increased levels in the body. Finally, were we to set aside all else evidential of the unitarian or trophoblastic nature of cancer, and scrutinize but a single datum, we should find that neither experimental fact nor scientific reasoning can offer any alternative to the trophoblastic nature of cancer in explanation.

The so-called radio-sensitivity of a tumor is determined primarily by the radio-sensitivity of the somatic cells in which the constant malignant component happens to residenot by the uniformly radio-resistant constant malignant component: The logical consequences of these data have, however, seldom been examined.

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The newer method uses insertion of the green florescent protein GFP into the protein one wishes to study. The inner layers of the blastocyst eventually form the embryo.

If cancer is an unitarian phenomenon whose malignancy is a function of the concentration of trophoblast cells within a given tissue, then the greater the concentration of such cells within a tissue the higher the malignancy of the tissue and the more profound its cytological deviation from the cytology normal to the tissue.

The meiosis of the diploid totipotent cell results in a haploid gametogenous cell whose only alternative to death is division sexually or parthenogenetically induced with the consequent production of trophoblast.

Frank trophoblast cells occur within the somathough inevitably in a malignant exhibition. Using the NIH to Find a Cure for Cancer A few decades ago, Richard Nixon, declared a war against cancer and ramped up funding for NIH research which mostly went towards proving the idea that cancer was caused by a virus.

The gadolinium collects around the cancer cells so they show up brighter in the picture. Moreover, in the unitarian principle the use of steroidal sex hormones in cancer finds its first rationale. These are not converted into the corresponding active enzymes until they are acted upon by the kinases of the blood or, especially, by those of the small intestine.

The efficient clinical implementation of the trophoblastic or unitarian thesis depends upon the development of a simple, reliable and highly accurate quantitative test for the specific products of the trophoblast cell.

Since none of the cells in a malignant tumor is per se a "diseased" or pathological cell, but rather a cell normal to the life-cycle, cancer does not itself produce any "toxic effects.

This procedure is also called an LP or spinal tap. Treatment options also depend on whether the woman wishes to become pregnant in the future. This fact is further demonstrated in the successful use of this technic in toxic goiter.

In listing the criteria of malignancy, Oberling and Woglom write: On the other hand, the trophoblastic or unitarian thesis does embrace a very definite genetic "mutation. Cellular reversion is a thermodynamic impossibility; it has never occurred and can never occur.

The unitarian thesis recognizes the need for an orderly defined common ground of theory upon which all workers in cancer may at least meet, if not agree. That this is the case, we shall observe in the pages that follow. It is for this reason that the greatest tumefaction is usually associated with the least malignant exhibitions and the least tumefaction often with the most malignant exhibitions.

Hoeber, New York,p. Since the primitivity of the cancer cell is a commonplace, in looking for its cellular counterpart in the life-cycle we turn to the most primitive cell in this cycle.

For this reason the cells of the most malignant of all exhibitions of cancer should epitomize the properties of the malignant component in all other exhibitions of cancer.

And in the s, the German surgeon Karl Thiersch proposed that cancers migrate to other parts of the body known scientifically as metastasis by the spreading of malignant cells. Where does the group has several thousand students. The most highly malignant exhibitions of cancer known are the chorionepitheliomas comprised of frank trophoblast cells, cytologically, endocrinologically and otherwise indistinguishable from normal pregnancy trophoblast cells.

We have specifically ascribed the origin of all morphological exhibitions of cancer to the meiosis of one or more such diploid totipotent cells with the consequent production of a gametogenous cell whose only alternative to death is division with the resulting production of trophoblast.

It holds that in the intensive study of the peculiar metabolism of trophoblast both in pure cultures and in vivo, with the goal of the selective lysis of the trophoblast cell or the occlusion of its metabolism, the cancer problem may find practical resolution.

The results are illuminating. The trophoblast or cancer cell is autonomous of the hostal respiratory system and is obligatively anaerobic, undergoing [an]aerobic glycolysis even in the presence of a free oxygen supply The trophoblastic thesis explains the long-known identity of trophoblast cell metabolism with that of the cancer cell:, an obligative.

Professor John Thompson Professor F.A.Q for Cure for Cancer Remedies - 1 Cure 4 CancerF.A.Q for Cure for Cancer Who developed the trophoblastic thesis of cancer? A.- A.- Professor John Beard suspected He was the science director of John Beard Ovarian Cancer Causes - in further detail: dietary effectsAs described in more detail in the page above.

The first of these incorporates elements of the trophoblastic theory of cancer, a theory that is not widely accepted as an explanation for cancer formation. Beard HH: The unitarian or trophoblastic thesis of cancer. Med Rec (7):Ellison NM: Unproven methods of cancer therapy.

Drug Ther (NY) 10(July): This treatment regimen is based on the trophoblastic theory of cancer originally proposed by Scottish embryologist John Beard (), and resurrected by William Donald Kelley, DDS () "The Unitarian or Trophoblastic Thesis of Cancer." William Donald Kelley Resurrects John Beard's Work.

Chapter The Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer The Trophoblastic Nature of Cancer and Pregnancy Cycle as the Basis for the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer by Roger Cathey THE UNITARIAN OR TROPHOBLASTIC THESIS OF CANCER by Ernst T.

Trophoblasts and Cancer

Krebs, Jr., Ernst T. Krebs, Sr., and Howard H.

Professor John Beard Cancer Thesis

Beard (Reprinted From the Medical Record,July ). Gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD) is a group of rare diseases in which abnormal trophoblast cells grow inside the uterus after conception.

Hydatidiform mole (HM) is the most common type of GTD. Gestational trophoblastic neoplasia (GTN) is a type of gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD) that.

Trophoblastic thesis of cancer
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The Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer