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Goals- What do you hope to accomplish by writing your thesis. Home Undergraduate Academics Honors Program Honors Program Political Science majors who have demonstrated superior competence in the field have the opportunity to graduate with departmental honors.

An attacker that manages to access a local network could remotely affect control performance by tampering If you want to take POS research methods in spring of junior year, that is also a possibility. Unless the paper is written for a graded class assignment, students must ask the instructor's permission to submit any such paper.

As an honors student, you will take three honors courses 9 hours including a research seminara "pro-seminar" in one of the six subfieldsand the senior thesis An extended version of a shorter paper written for a course. Examines the role of race in stimulating change in American political life; types of strategies employed in the civil rights struggle; how race affects electoral participation and the broader political and economic conditions of African Americans.

The thesis grade will be the average of the two grades assigned by the readers. The general expectations associated with each level of honors are as follows, paraphrasing Seymour Harris, Professor of Economics at Harvard University Though that was rather disparate from my other loves — snow and undeveloped landscapes — it felt like an intellectual home for me.

You will each turn in a thesis advising agreement form during the fifth week of class that will serve as a contract between you, your substantive advisor, and the Thesis Seminar Instructor, Amy Gangl. A bachelor's degree in political science can lead to a career in business, government, journalism, education, or non-profit organizations.

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Requirements The main requirement, of course, is the page senior thesis that due the last week of classes in May the actual length will be agreed upon with the thesis advisor.

Finally, students who wish to be considered for nomination to the Honors Program must schedule a meeting via email with the director of undergraduate studies where admission to the Honors Program and the requirements of the program will be discussed and the appropriate forms obtained here or in the Political Science main office will be routed for signatures.

A thesis demonstrates your ability to work independently on a sustained project that requires complex analytical skills. The change applies to the Class of and later.

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Each of these model extensions They should also have a minimum GPA of 3. I started rowing crew at UNH. I obtained my Ph.

Honors Opportunities and Programs

It then becomes an unbearable chore. Students planning to graduate in December are advised to take the fall honors seminar and the thesis writing seminar the year before graduation. Students who will be abroad in Spring Quarter and unable to participate in the Spring BA Colloquium should contact the department's Undergraduate Studies office during the Winter Quarter to receive instructions about the preparations they should expect to make while they are away.

I had always loved maps, and was looking for something to do while I figured out what my next big step would be. My dissertation project was based in the boreal forest of interior Alaska, studying the influence of changing precipitation patterns linked to climate change on forest biogeochemistry. Where the faculty supervisor recommends highest honors, the honors coordinator will forward the recommendation to the honors council which will decide if highest honors is warranted.

Two Options Students who are majoring in political science must write at least one substantial paper.

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You will meet regularly with your supervisor, producing drafts and revisions under their guidance. Students must obtain prior consent of the program director and the instructor, as well as submit the College Reading and Research Course Form that is available from their College adviser.

Successful candidates are awarded honors or high honors in their field, and this designation appears in the Commencement program and on their diplomas.

Sharon Billings, Class of 1991

What is your evidence. Kim, Sang Hoon The goal of this dissertation is to develop multimodal light scattering techniques using optical coherence tomography OCT to improve clinical diagnosis.

Working with a Faculty Supervisor: To achieve the needed degree of clarity and brevity will require repeated and extensive revision. In this experience underlies my passion for a topic that sadly for many is better to be avoided.

All 9 hours count toward the overall requirements of the major. Philipp Rehm (Ph.D., Duke University) is Associate Professor of Political Science at Ohio State University; previous posts include the Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellowship at.

The department offers students majoring in political science a senior honors program; the successful completion of which leads to Graduation with Distinction in political science.

The central requirement of the program is an honors thesis that the student prepares under faculty supervision. Theses and Dissertations.

Browse by. Undergraduate Honors Theses and Student papers. Theses and papers by Duke undergraduates. Recent Submissions. Electrical and Computer Engineering () The Sanford School of Public Policy () Political Science () Chemistry () Biology ().

Undergraduate Honors

In support of interdisciplinary efforts at Duke, the Curriculum Committee approved in Fall an option to permit a student to pursue double honors for a single thesis written for two separate departments or programs, an option distinct from that of completing two entirely separate theses and earning honors in each.

In doing so, the Committee. Although I have a doctorate in anthropology, I am excited for the opportunity to acknowledge that the foundation for my academic and professional success was created during my undergraduate years as an International Comparative Studies major (and a political science and history minor) at Duke University.

The Honors Thesis Committee will consist of the faculty supervisor plus at least one additional faculty reader, both of whom must be from the Department of Political Science.

The Chair of the Honors Thesis Committee will be the faculty supervisor of the Honors Thesis.

Political science honors thesis duke
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